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Hello Is there a way to detect the header response, when the form is submitted? For example SUT.FindFormFor<RegistrationViewModel>() .Field(x => x.Email) .SetValueTo("[email protected]") .Field(x => x.Password) .SetValueTo("12345") .Submit(); At this point, if the response is HTTP 500, the testing goes on. "When" does not fail. Is there a way to assert that the response must be HTTP 200?
Feb 9, 2016

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No, unfortunately the underlying Selenium WebDriver does not expose the HTTP response code. That's a topic of much arguing over in the Selenium camp, but it sounds like that is (probably) not going to happen.

I could, however, add something to detect a Yellow-Screen-Of-Death error and throw an exception... I think that behavior makes sense. I'll open a GitHub issue for it.

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