About SpecsFor

SpecsFor is a .NET library that will help you write better unit, integration, and end-to-end specs. It is available as a NuGet package, and it's fully-compatible with NUnit (because it's based on it!), meaning it will work with any NUnit test runner.

SpecsFor is available as a NuGet package. When you add it to a project, you get not only SpecsFor, but also several other things to help you with your testing:

  • NUnit - SpecsFor is built on top of NUnit, one of the most well-established test frameworks for .NET.
  • Moq - A simple, easy-to-use mocking framework.
  • StructureMap.AutoMocking - SpecsFor uses this to create the class you wish to write tests against. Note that you do not have to use StructureMap in your main project.
  • Should - A set of extension methods for writing your test cases, like "x.ShouldEqual(5)."
  • ExpectedObjects - A great library that overcomes the common testing challenge of comparing two complex objects.